Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Tally of PC Deaths by Player

After an extended period free from player character deaths, last weekend's session saw four characters die in two expeditions into Stonehell Dungeon. This brought up the discussion of who has lost the most characters since the start of the campaign. Looking back over the PC "morgue," it appears that Dave is the leader by a clear magrin. He also has the dubious distinction of having lost the first PC of the campaign way back in session #2.

The current totals are:

Dave: 6 (Danek, Malbane, Morg, Pip, Yodahlla, and Kallen)
Pete: 4 (Azerran, Kliegeles, Xander Tonn, and Immeral the White)
Jud: 3 ("El" Ravener, Presto, and Tigir)
Rob: 3 (Mordakis, Reddannon, and Kyrinn)
Tom: 1 (Hemlock)
Jack: 0

Player Eric also managed to survive his time in the campaign without a single death before he retired from the weekly sessions. If I were Jack, I'd watch my back. Not from me, but from overly "helpful" party members looking to make sure he's not left out of the Dead Adventurers' Club.

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  1. Hah, I knew it. I'm the leader of the club. Well perhaps that isn't somthing to be proud of, Lol! Anyway I need to roll up two characters. Thinking a half-orc barbarian and dwarven paladin.