Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sleep Spell Area of Effect

In light of today's events, I thought about what size of an area a sleep spell affects and have decided on the following:

A sleep spell has an area of effect of a 15' radius from the point or person upon which it is cast (a 30' diameter in total--enough to affect a large dungeon room). As per the rules, a sleep spell affects 2d8 HD worth of creatures starting with the lowest HD monsters first.

I think this is both fair and in the spirit of other such magics with a 15' radius. Unless someone has a real problem with this, let it be written and let it be done.


  1. My preference would be your original interpretation because it requires more forethought. Either way is good, though.

  2. I went back and forth on this, but ultimately the fact that it is a 1st level spell and the desire to keep myself headache-free as much as possible led to this decision.