Friday, March 4, 2011

Cleopos the Porter

Zero Level Human

STR: 13 (+1 to attack, damage, and open doors)
DEX: 13 (-1 AC, +1 missile, +1 initiative)
CON: 13 (+1 hp)
INT: 10 (literate)
WIS: 8 (-1 save vs. spells)
CHA: 9

Hit Points: 6
Armor Class: 8
Loyalty (estimated): 9

Employer: Grumble Brokenaxe (+1 Inspire Loyalty bonus)
Terms of Employment: 2 gold marks per week plus an additional +1 gold piece per day in hazardous conditions (as determined by employer)

Languages: Common

Carries: Backpack, 2 waterskin, 1 wineskin, 10 days trail rations, hand axe, bedroll, old non-magic shield, silver candelabra, 2 crystal decanters, 4 crystal glasses.
Encumbrance: @42 lbs.

Objects of questionable value: None


  1. Get to a good starting point and PODCAST this game! All you need is a digital recorder at the table to start with. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! I think no I KNOW that Archive of the Rotten Moon with a bit of cool intros and music would really be a big hit in the gaming podcast world!

  2. I'm not certain I share your enthusiasm. Despite what you might read, we're just the same kind of group that sits around a table and pretends to fight monsters and makes bad jokes for four hours each week. I don't think the magic that occurs can be bottled or if it was, would be palpable.

    I think the illusion that we're more special in some ways is better than the revelation that we're no different from a hundred other gaming groups is better.