Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Bazaar

A collection of prices from diverse sources or made up on the fly. Compiled here for reference purposes and so I plain don’t forget.


Rented room (1 month, poverty level): 25 gp
Rented room (1 month, average neighborhood): 50 gp
Rented building (rundown former stable; two-stories): 150 gp per month (requires decent CHA for negotiations)

Building, common, mud brick (30’ square): 2,500 + 1d6x100 gp
Building, common, stone (30’ square): 4,000 + 1d6x100 gp
Building, common, wood (30’ square): 3,000 + 1d6x100 gp


Camel: 50 gp
Crickets or beetles: 1 sp for 5
Dog, guard: 25 gp
Draft lizard: 300 gp (carrying capacity 500 lbs/1,000 lbs.)
Mhyrakian watch lizard: 75 gp
Rat, domesticated: 5 cp


Bath: 3 cp
“Entertainment”: 1 sp/5gp/100+ gp
Messenger (in town): 1 sp/message
Mourner (per funeral): 2 sp
Pack animal handler: 2 sp/day (relatively safe conditions, known trail)
Teamster: 5 sp/day (relative safe conditions, known road)


Cart: 100 gp (one horse or 2 mules – 400 lbs. cap. /2 horses or 4 mules – 600 lbs. cap.)
Sedan: 100 gp
Wagon: 200 gp (2 horses- 1,500 lbs. cap. /4 horses – 4,500 lbs. cap.)
Wagon or cart wheel, replacement: 5 gp

Animal related goods

Barding, leather/padded (dog): 75 gp
Barding, scale (lizard): 200 gp

Assorted Items

Casket (human- or Old Blood-sized): 8 gp
Casket (dwarf-sized): 5 gp
Collapsible 10' Pole (unbolts to two 5' staves): 6 sp
Oil (keg, 50 pints or 6.25 gal.): 25 gp (65 lbs. weight)
Sledgehammer (30 lbs.): 10 gp
Rubbings Kit (paper & rubbing stone): 25 gp (10 uses)
Torch scone: 1 sp


  1. A gallon of water weighs 8 lb. Oil is heavier than water, but I'm not sure how much heavier. I recall it wasn't much heavier.

    So a 50 gal barrel of oil would weigh 400 lb just for the oil. Is the barrel itself 75 lb?

  2. You're correct, of course. This discrepency came about when I had to "on the fly" come up with costs and weights for a 50 gallon barrel of oil to be dropped into the fungal dead undercroft. That should be 50 pints of oil, not 50 gallons.

  3. It would be fun to compile some sort of mega-equipment list from all the bloggers out here farting around. Ferinstance, just from looking over this one, I am pretty sure that my character is going to have to find a Mhyrakian watch lizard for the bargain price of 75 gp. Dunno what it does, but I sure hope it is like a watch dog...

  4. It is a lizard with a clock on its belly. They are also known as "two-faced lizards" and "Tick Tock Rock Reptiles."

    For +10 GP you can get a wrist-mounted model, which is known as a "Wristwatch Lizard."

  5. I guess it depends on the type of oil but the usual lamp oil -- olive oil -- is lighter than water.