Thursday, May 5, 2011


Neutral Level 1 Magic-user
Played by: Jud

STR: 7 (-1 to attack, damage, and open doors)
DEX: 8 (+1 to A.C./inititative, -1 to missile)
CON: 12
INT: 16 (+2 languages)
WIS: 8 (-1 save vs. spells)
CHA: 11

Hit Points: 11
Armor Class: 5

Special Traits/Abilities: None

Languages: Common, Anatic, Elven

Weapons: Daggers x2, silver dagger
Armor: Fine silk robe
Magic Items: None

Spellbook: Charm person, magic missile, read magic, sleep, continual light, locate object

Objects of questionable value:

Experience: 117 (+10%)
Last Update: 5/9/11

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