Friday, August 20, 2010

Modi, the Storm Lord

The Storm Lord is a god of contradictions, and many of his worshipers would seem to have little in common. On one hand, Modi is the patron of berserkers who call upon his might and anger to drive them into a frothing battle rage. On the other hand, he is also served by a devoted group of martial monks who eschew worldly pleasures and dedicate themselves to become natural weapons of furious destruction. His symbol is a crossed hammer and lightning bolt and his clergy wears ruby red and storm gray raiment. Modi is said to be one of the Stranger Gods who came to this world from elsewhere, yet he is commonly considered to be a half or blood brother to the sea goddesses, Tidiah and Maelstyz, and is often called upon by sailors to intercede on their behalf when Maelstyz threatens them with destruction.

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