Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nailed to the Wall Behind the Owlbear in the "Mad Manor"

A Proclamation from His Most Eminent Highness

Let it be known that by the decree of His Most Eminent Highness, Grand Prince Kahtaf VI, the following screed is hereby announced:

Whereas the region known as the Kinan-M’Nath is a haven for threats to the safety of the Escyan Principalities; to wit: giantkin, goblinbloods, lycanthropes, undead, dragons, slavers, savages, highwaymen, fell wizards, blasphemous clergy, would-be warlords, and other dangers most severe, and

Whereas it is asserted that the driving back of these threats and the establishment of permanent bastions of civilization in the Uncertain Lands would be beneficial to the economic strength and military security of this state, and

Whereas it is the will of His Most Eminent Highness to encourage the settlement of the frontier and to eliminate any and all forces intent on returning our fair state to a condition of barbarism and political instability,

Therefore by the authority of His Most Eminent Highness it is decreed that any who erect strongholds in the Kinan-M’Nath and hold them for a period of no less than two years while cleansing the surrounding land of brigands and beasts shall be granted the title of Baron as well as the associated armies, wealth, and privileges of that office.

Declared on this day, the 21st of Galehome, 1601 G.C.R.


  1. Cool! So do we have enough wealth to erect said stronghold?

  2. Well that depends on your definition of "stronghold." A 30' tall, 20' diameter stone tower would set you back about 18,000 gold marks but could be technically considered a stronghold. Of course, you could always go looking for a pre-built fortress and kick out the current residents as a cost-saving measure. They'll not be too happy, but such is life!

  3. hey...you got something there Mike!

  4. Here's to you adventuring party and their new stronghold! hail!