Monday, March 22, 2010


Neutral Level 3 Magic-user
Played by: Jack

STR: 6 (-1 to hit/dam/open doors)
DEX: 9
CON: 10
INT: 10 (-1 to decipher rolls)
WIS: 10
CHA: 14 (-1 reaction adj.)

Hit Points: 9
Armor Class: 9

Special Traits/Abilities: Eye for Horseflesh, Esoterica (4%)

Weapons: Scimitar, dagger, silver dagger, 6 javelins
Armor: None
Magic Items: "beetle wand" ("OTROGG" written in runes along shaft), scroll of simulacrum, scroll of magic missiles (x2),, scroll of invisibility, scroll of knock
Weapon proficiencies: sword, long; javelin

Spells: 2/1/0
Spellbook: Read magic, dormancy, hold portal, identify, magic missile, message, read languages, shield, sleep, darkness, invisibility, knock, locate object, ray of enfeeblement

Objects of questionable value: Robe (midnight-blue)

Experience: 15,764
Last Update: 8/21/11


  1. I notice that some of the PC's have "Special Traits/Abilities" -- did you use a table or chart to roll these up? Thanks for the info - it's a cool idea...

  2. A homebrewed table I whipped up about a year ago. The full details of which can be found here: