Monday, January 10, 2011

A Partial Map of the Kinan-M'Nath

After months of real time in the campaign world, the players finally got their hands on a map of the region. The Kinan-M'Nath is largely based on the Outdoor Survival map so any similarities are intentional. The acquisition of a map arrived just in time, as I'm foreseeing several overland journeys in the weeks to come. The hobgoblin citadel (not pictured) is a likely candidate for sacking and looting, and there is the matter of returning Rondo Fleagle's earthly remains to his people in Dro-Baan Khaz. And you can never be sure when or where a giant turtle will strike. They are amphibious after all...


  1. Sounds like that's right up Anwar's alley!

  2. Looks good. What's the scale, 1 hex = 6 miles?

  3. Close. I tend to go with 5 miles to the hex just to keep the caculation of distance simpler for my decaying gray matter.