Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Haul

This is for my players.

So that you’re aware of what you pulled out of the dungeon on this last delve, here is the breakdown after taking the time back at the Mad Manor to sort through it all:

11,000 silver guilders
5,000 electrum suns
13,000 gold marks
1 silver nose ring
1 silver & platinum necklace
1 gold necklace with onyx stones
1 gold pinkie ring
1 gold & silver bracer
3 gold & silver pectorals
1 gaudy helmet
1 vial of purple & silver liquid
1 vial of clear oil
1 vial of brown liquid
1 jar of milky white leaves
1 scroll of ward against undead
1 magic-user scroll containing two spells
1 detailed map of the northeastern lands of the Kinan-M’Nath

Not bad for a day’s work.


  1. and let us not forget one stick with feathers and beads... ; )

  2. I'm curious.. in this context, what is a 'pectoral?'

  3. I'm curious.. in this context, what is a 'pectoral?'

    Large ornamental pieces worn on the chest.

  4. Thanks! And now a semi-related question.. does anyone know the actual term for those two little things Dejah Thoris wears?