Sunday, July 4, 2010

Tom's Sketchbook: "Science With Domdull"

If you take a look at the PC portraits that accompany most of the character sheet posts, you'll notice that they vary in quality. I think Jack started the trend of everyone drawing a character or symbol in the appropriate record sheet oval no matter how talented (or ill-suited) you were artistically. Thankfully, Tom joined up with the group and has since lent his talents to capturing most of the PCs in a more aesthetically pleasing manner. Not all of his efforts have made it to public view, however. His record folder contains more sketches that he's done during the course of an afternoon's game session so, from time to time, I'll post one here.

Tom plays Fanta and Domdull in the game and has established a certain "George and Lennie" vibe with them. Fanta is the smart, Old Blood wizard and Domdull his mentally deficiant comrade-in-arms. Domdull doesn't let his lack of intellect slow him down and often does his best to be useful to his fellows by providing much needed equipment--even if he doesn't actually possess such objects (like the time he confused a mirror for paper). So, when it came to the need for horses to journey out to the Black Gut, Domdull was on the case.

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