Sunday, July 4, 2010

Company Headquarters

After the party experienced a shortage of inn rooms (and the price hike that accompanied that) during the Festival of Erion, interest was expressed to purchase or rent larger, more permanent quarters. I quoted the players the price of buying a home, which turned them in the direction of leasing one. Thanks to Habdazar's high charisma, they managed to find a good price on a structure that suited their needs: a two story building with at least three-to-five rooms, possibly a stable.

Experience in the Watchfires & Thrones campaign largely comes from treasure and monsters, but I do award bonus points for the occasional great achievement or for contributing material to the overall "shared world" experience. This seemed like a pefect time to introduce one of those opportunities, so I offered a bonus of 200 xps to anyone who came up with an interior map of the new building. Pete showed up with not only a map, but with a drawing that subscribes to the unofficial motto of everyone but Tom in our group of "Any picture's better than no picture!" when it comes to art.

After I gave the players this option in an email, I never heard back from anyone stating that they were wanted to take a shot at it. I therefore assumed it would have to be me to come up with the building's layout. Since I've used fold-up buildings in the past during trips into town, I wanted to find something suitable to depict the former stables that the PCs are now living in. This was the result.

As it stands, the map above is accurate as far as the layout goes, but the exterior looks more like the photos than the drawing. A happy mixture of both player and referee input, which is what every campaign involving a shared world should be.

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