Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lost and Found

I was updating everybody's character sheets and the demise of Malbane the Green caused me to double check all the characters' inventories. I've noticed that two potions seem to be missing from both individual character sheets and the party treasure list. I suspect one may have been on Malbane, but it is not listed under his possessions.

The potions are one rainbow-colored syrup in an oversized (three-times as big) vial and a vial of cloudy liquid with blue flecks.

I'm mentioning this here so I don't forget to remind you guys to decide who has what the next time we meet, and to serve as an advisement. In the future, any magic item not listed on a PC's sheet will be considered lost to pickpockets, dungeon vermin, or have fallen out of a pouch when no one was paying attention. Please be careful with your magic; it is scarce.

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