Friday, June 4, 2010

Fruit and Milk of the Maggu Mani

Fruit of the Maggu Mani:A mass of alien biological matter occupies the area in front of the statue, and small patches of the stone altar atop which this material grows can be glimpsed. This strange live resembles gooey yellow-purple polyps the size of cantaloupes. They grow in clusters like grapes and are covered with a slick, sticky film. This material is a plat native to Nihil and was brought down by the Overpriest to serve his nutritional needs. The strange fruit can be either profoundly stimulating to the human body—or a deadly poison. Anyone eating one of the polyps must save vs. poison. If failed, he perishes horribly. If the save is made, however, he gains 1 point of CON permanently. There are enough fruits here for ten (10) such meals. They rot quickly after being plucked (within 4 hours).

Milk of the Maggu Mani:This grey fluid is the milk of Ishnigarrab him/herself and produces strange effects on living tissue. Anyone who samples this liquid must make a save vs. poison. If successful, the drinker immediately gains the benefits of a full day’s food and heals 1d3 points of damage. If the save is failed, they undergo a spontaneous transformation. Roll on the table below:


1d4 sightless eyes grow on the drinker’s hands


A second mouth sprouts from the drinker’s throat. This mouth can only make whimpers and horrid smacking sounds.


Hair follicles secrete urine regularly


Drinker’s mouth fills with puss-containing blisters and boils. Drinker can breathe through nose but cannot eat or drink.


Wormlike tendrils sprout from the drinkers nostrils.


Drinker’s body absorbs a random body part – 1: left arm; 2: right arm; 3: left leg; 4: right leg; 5: sex organs (male) or breasts (female); 6: head (this is fatal).

Roll each time the liquid is drunk, rerolling on duplicated results. If the character is afflicted by all six effects and continues to consume the liquid, each additional failed save results in the PC losing 1d4 points from a random ability score. Any score reduced to 0, the character is reduced to a viscous puddle of proto matter and is slain.

Once a save is failed, the drinker develops a craving for the liquid and will continue to sample it unless prevented by physical restraint. Once the character has drank the liquid a number of times equal to 20 minus his CON, his cravings are permanently satiated—provided he survives the process.

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