Friday, August 13, 2010

Lace Hemlock

Chaotic Level 3 Assassin
Played by: Tom

STR: 12
DEX: 16 (-2 AC, +2 missile, +1 initiative)
CON: 10
INT: 12
WIS: 10
CHA: 10

Hit Points: 7
Armor Class: 5 (7 suprised)

Special Traits/Abilities: Orienteering (-10% chance to become lost during overland travel), backstab attack, assassinate (base 50% chance), disguise (base 95% chance), poison use, pick locks 22%, F/R traps 19%, pick pockets 28%, move silently 28%, climb walls 92%, hide in shadows 18%, hear noise 2 in 6.

Weapons: Light crossbow, daggers
Armor: Studded leather
Magic Items: None
Weapon proficiencies: Crossbow, dagger, ?

Objects of questionable value:

Experience: 3,613
Last Update: 10/03/10


  1. A grand clearing in the forest. A dot of grass green against the canopy of trees, nothing spectacular, nothing unusual. Occupied by a few farms, a small ale house and inn and a black smith. Not too far off from the main path, the small village of illett is but a small stop for travelers, should they even know it exists.

    But within the village there is a house, the house of Hemlock. The residents never speak of it, they never acknowledge it's existence, but they do know.

    The Hemlock family has been there for generations, but now they fear it is the last.

    Lacennia was becoming winded, her blood rushed through her veins like the current of the river. She was not fighting, nor was she training. She was arguing.

    Her grandmother sat in the corner, in a lotus position. A strap of cloth was bound around her eyes. She no longer needed her eyes to 'see'.

    Her father limped on his cane back and forth, pacing like a tiger. His face equally flush with anger. When he spoke, the deep resonation of his voice vibrated the plates and bowls in the kitchen.

    "You are the last female of the Hemlock clan... you are to breed, to create more, our blood line must not die off." Ventus Hemlock was not a man of compromise.

    "But Father, he was my brother.. and there is no one else to reclaim the family insignia... his death must be verified! That is family law!"

    The grandmother speaks out, both Ventus and Lacennia kneel simultaneously, out of respect.

    "Korson has fallen.... verify and avenge his death Lace." Her words turn toward Ventus ".. Ventus, you can not grip water, you must let her be free, she is strong and capable. Korson was not ready, he was too frail."

    Lace looks up, "Thank you Grandmother..."

    Ventus stands up, using a cane that looks like a twig in comparison to his massive arms. "Lace, should you go.. disguise yourself, only reveal yourself when are confident that you are with trusted allies." He reaches in his pocket, handing out a small parchment.

    "Seek out Phantos, your brother made mention he was an ally and trust worthy.. he should set you on your path to finding your brother.

    Lace looks up, "thank you father... I shall not fail."

    Lace runs out of the room to prepare her disguise, Ventos bows his head and begins to extinguish the candles in the room.

    "She is the strongest assassin the Hemlocks have had in ages, she has developed her mind as well as her physical abilities..." the grandmother says in a whisper.

    "She is my daughter, and if anything should happen to her, I will call upon the entire family to bring vengeance.." Ventos whispers back as he leaves the room in darkness.

  2. Wait wait wait....THIS (looking at drawing.) is the Lace Hemlock that dressed up as an old man? Now that was one heck of a disguise!