Sunday, June 13, 2010


A great deal of knowledge concerning the weird, cuttlefish-faced race known as the ocythoids has been lost over the centuries, and what remains is mostly rumor and speculation. Sages agree that these enigmatic creatures dwell upon the Rotted Moon, having built their cities there in some half-remembered aeon. Once powerful sorcerers, ocythoids have forgotten much of their ancestors’ art, but what they retain is more potent than the magics Man currently wields. They are a decedent species, one known to indulge in slavery and other cruelties which they enjoy inflicting upon lesser beings (a.k.a. everything else). As diverse as any sentient race when it comes to plots, ploys, and stratagems, it is almost impossible to divine what any singular member of the kind might be engaged in when encountered away from their shattered home world.


  1. That's a Reaper mini. I believe its technical name is a "Darkspawn Cultist."

  2. Excellent! Thanks!

    And there he is...with a "mini-me!"