Monday, April 11, 2011

“Give Us Your Pants!”

True story: The party had a run in with a trio of bugbears during yesterday’s session who attacked them solely because they were jealous that the party owned pants when they themselves were pantsless.

I’d like to thank Otherworld Miniatures for putting this idea in the back of my head some time ago when they released their line of old school pantsless bugbears. I think I know what my next Otherworld purchase had to be now that I’ve completed my set of OW Hobgoblins.


  1. I completely sympathize with the bugbears. I recently bought a machete to clear brush and can't imagine swinging it around without at least a pair of pants on.
    LOVe those minis... wish I had the money to buy 'em and the time and patience to paint them. Are the above samples yours or are those from the maker's website?

  2. Those are the Otherworld Miniatures display models. I'm getting much better at painting my own, but I'm nowhere near that kind of quality and detail yet (and likely ever).