Saturday, February 12, 2011


This is the rough map I did of Scuttlehole. I didn't expect the PCs to come ashore on this trip, but it pays to plan ahead. In my mind, the swamp village is a mix of Mos Eisley, Innsmouth, and Port Royal, and my description of the place in play reflects that. One player asked some probing questions about the physical appearances of the locals, undoubtedly caused by the way I described Scuttlehole and the fact that I'm connected with a certain Lovecraftian rules supplement for Labyrinth Lord. I refuse to reveal whether his suspicions are true or not at the present time.

Map Key
1) Inn
2) Boarding House
3) Enforcer's Post
4) Woolly Gator Pit
5) Boatwright
6) Provisions
6a) Storage
7) Tavern/Gambling House
8) Punishment Post
9) Warehouses
10) Bordello
11) Fish House
12) Butcher/Smokehouse/Hide Trader
13) "Sundries"
14) "Old Witch"
15) Temple
16) Weapons Shoppe

The dots in and around the harbor area are pilings for boats to moor to when visiting town. A series of elevated walkways and bridges connects the buildings and keeps them high and dry above the River Phol and the swampy riverbank.

The village has a lot of possibilities and I expect that it may become a frequent launching point/destination for adventures in campaigns to come--maybe even in my current one...

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