Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Useful Advice for Exploring and Surviving the Megadungeon

This is primarily for the Stonehell Dungeon players, but I recommend the series to anyone looking for a basic primer on how to successfully tackle a megadungeon and come out alive.

Lord Gwydion of the What a horrible night to have a curse blog is writing a multi-part series that focuses on successful techniques to use when exploring a megadungeon setting. Since the focus of the Watchfires & Thrones campaign has been on Stonehell lately, I thought this might make informative reading for those of you looking to either increase the wealth you walk out with or to bump up the chances of making it out in one piece. I’ll be updating the links as they come so check back here regularly.

Tackling the Megadungeon: Intro
Scouting Missions
Fact-finding Missions
Combat Missions
Rescue Missions
Acquisition Missions
“Special” Missions


  1. My players left ended the last session stating "We'll spend the night in the dungeon and get our spells back."

    Yeah, 24 wandering monster rolls. We'll see how that works out for them. I'd forward them a link to Gwydion's blog but they'll eventually clue in that I'm detailing the dungeon online, if start poking around the blogs. Guess they'll need to learn the hard way.

  2. Michael, didn't realize you had this blog, too, until today. Got several hits from this post today, and investigating led me here.

    Thanks for posting the links to my advice. Hope your players find them useful!