Sunday, May 16, 2010


Lawful Level 3 Fighter
Played by: Jud

STR: 15 (+1 to hit, damage, open doors)
DEX: 13 (+1 missile, -1 AC, +1 initiative)
CON: 14 (+1 hp)
INT: 9
WIS: 9
CHA: 8 (+ to reaction, 3 retainers, 6 loyalty)

Hit Points: 16
Armor Class: 3 (4)

Special Traits/Abilities: Owed a Favor

Weapons: Two-handed sword, "bugbow", light crossbow
Armor: Banded mail

Magic Items: helm of comprehend languages & read magic mace "Tergel"
Objects of questionable value: Gold & silver pectoral (1,100 gp value), hobgoblin helmet

Experience: 14,343 (+5%)
Last Update: 4/09/11


  1. What source do you use to determine the PC's Special Traits/Abilities? I like what they add to the characters.

  2. A homebrewed table I whipped up about a year ago. The full details of which can be found here:

  3. That's cool!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. ...and now the fate of the 'bugbow' is known!